11 Beach bag essentials!

Summer, sand, salty, holiday, burning sun! YES, the holidays are around the corner! Here we have put our favorite 11 essentials for a beach day on a row for you. ENJOY!





Number one is a beach bag. You have them in all kinds of funny colors and different sizes. Our Ava Blue swim beach bag is medium sized and super hot this summer! It’s an easy bag to use and is also very stylish. Get yours today! 19,95 euro’s


You need to take care of yourself! Water is very important at any time especially on a hot summer day. Check out this amazing water bottle. When full, it can carry up to 20 ounces of hot or cold liquid. When empty, it rolls up into a travel-sized package ideal for tucking into your beach bag!

The patented twist cap creates a 100 percent waterproof seal and protects your drinking spout from contamination. The neck of the bottle is wide enough to allow for spill-free filling. When full, the fabric strap loops around your wrist or attaches to your pack. Your bottle is dishwasher-safe and can be kept in the freezer. 18 Euro 




Your hair gets damaged by the sunlight! This product is the closest you can get to actual sun cream for the hair, this nourishes, protects and smells great, too. 25,25 Euro


Use these little cooling bags to keep your phone, medication, drinks etc cool! It’s the perfect little coolbag that you can bring on the go. 26,95 euro 



It is better to stay out of the sun at all. But if you go out for sunbathing it’s very important to protect your skin.

Australian Gold SPF 30 Spray Gel Sunscreen With Instant Bronzer.

At first glance, this bottle looks like one of those super low-SPF tanning oils. It actually contains a hefty SPF 30, and the only tanning action you'll get from this baby is a faux glow straight from the bottle. That's right: This stuff is a gel-like body bronzer and sunscreen in one. Simply spray the product onto your skin and rub for a super subtle, non-streaky glow (seriously, it's amazing). Even more amazing, perhaps, are its warm fragrance notes of vanilla, orange, and cocoa — which is to say it doesn't smell like traditional sunscreen in the slightest.

16,95 euro


Lipbalm from Doctor Eckstein with UV-filter. Even your lips need protection! Again it is very important you take care of yourself in the sun. This is a great lipbalm easy to use and stays on for a long time! 5,80 Euro



We love big soft beach towels! Urban Outfitters has a great one called Pendleton 'Los Ojos' Oversized Jacquard Beach Towel

Soak up the sun while lying on this jacquard beach towel. 42 Euro



Sunnie, sunnies and sunnies! They protect your eyes but also look very stylish! They come in all sorts of colors and sizes and you can’t have enough! We choose for Ollie Quinn designs all its frames in-house and aims to keep costs as fair as possible. All the glasses and lenses come in at 112 Euro as a full package, both across its sun and optical ranges. 


Also a great way to keep your head out of the sun is a cute straw hat! An open weave creates a striking effect on the brim of a Panama hat styled with a slim satin-ribbon band and an interior drawstring to adjust the fit. 34,67 euro’s 



Flip flops are a must for a beach day! They are easy to put on and off when you arrive at the beach and they protect your feet from the hot surface. We are a big fan of the havaianas flip flops! They are fun, easy and really comfy! Starting from 18 euro’s and up. 


Scarf dresses! Check out our new Ava Blue ‘Ibiza Sarong’! They are easy to use in so many creative ways. A MUSTHAVE for a beach day. 19,95 euro’s


Extra tips >

- Bring some salty snacks! Because of all the sweating it's very important to eat something salty.

- Magazines or a good book! The beach is a great place to do some reading!

- Parasol/Shade. Make sure you can sit in the shade sometimes. 

- Extra clothes. It's always handy to bring an extra t-shirt or an easy dress.


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